Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a component of cannabis oil, but it is not psychoactive. As a result, it is possible to consume CBD in a variety of settings where it is not possible to consume products that contain THC.

In addition, CBD does not come from exactly the same plant as THC-containing products. In fact, CBD comes from hemp, and this type of cannabis does not contain significant amounts of THC.

What Can CBD Do For You?

CBD may be beneficial for a wide range of health conditions, and it's also useful for people who are simply looking to improve their general health. Here are a few of the most important benefits of it:

It Can Reduce Anxiety

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders have benefited greatly from CBD. In addition, it can be highly beneficial even for individuals who suffer from anxiety that has not reached the level of being a mental health condition.

It Can Act As An Antidepressant

CBD has significant antidepressant effects, and it does not cause the side effects that are associated with conventional antidepressants.

It Can Act As A Pain Reliever

CBD can be effective for pain relief, and the pain relieving effects of CBD come without the side effects that are often associated with conventional pain medications.

It Can Reduce Nausea

Individuals who are experiencing nausea are likely to find significant benefits from CBD, and it can even be beneficial for people who are experiencing nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy drugs.

It Can Act As An Adaptogen

The fact that CBD is an adaptogen means that it can improve the body's ability to maintain homeostasis, and this can help to prevent many different types of health problems.

It Can Help To Prevent Seizures

CBD has anti-seizure properties, and this can benefit people who suffer from epilepsy. There have even been cases where CBD was effective when anti-seizure medications were not.

CBD Can Protect The Brain

Degeneration of neurons is common as people age, but CBD can prevent this degeneration in many cases.

Is It Really THC Free?

CBD products actually are THC-free, and this ensures that they will not cause psychoactive effects.

Does CBD Tend To Cause Side Effects?

In most cases, CBD does not cause side effects. If any side effects do occur, they tend to be extremely mild.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal in all 50 states.