Can CBD Reduce Anxiety?

February 11, 2019
Your Complete Guide to CBD Oil – CBD Benefits and Uses
February 17, 2019

You walk to the window and look out for the third time in twenty minutes. Your eyes feel grainy after another night of little to no sleep. You wish you could just lay down and sleep for even one hour but you know that you would not sleep or even be able to rest. You sit at your table, then immediately stand back up again. You grab a cloth and absently wipe your already clean counter and stove top, then wander back to your window and peer out yet again.

You walk through your house with your hands clenched in front of you and pause at the sink in your bathroom. The reflection you see looks haunted, tired, and almost haggard from lack of rest. You open the medicine cabinet and take a nearly untouched pill bottle into your aching hand. You consider taking one of the pills nestled inside, but again decide against it. The pills are supposed to calm you, maybe even help you sleep, but they have a negative effect on you. You return the bottle to the shelf and walk again to a window, peering out. Your heart is pounding and your muscles ache as you look for something, Anything, to focus on. You feel sweat trickling down your back between your shoulder blades as you wonder if your AC is working properly. You walk to it to check it, almost relieved to have an issue to focus your attention on, only to find that is is working properly while you are still awash with sweat. You sigh as you stand again in front of your window, looking out.

Anxiety comes in many forms and often is caused by many factors. What you just read is an example of what some people suffering from anxiety go through Every Day. Many cases are not this extreme, while some are far worse. Restless, sleepless, aching muscles and lacking the ability to concentrate or focus on any task. Literally prisoners of a condition they do not understand and cannot control.

But there is hope. In the last several years new research has shown that cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a very effective at helping those that suffer from anxiety. CBD is a natural, mostly beneficial component of cannabis. Unlike many chemical based prescription pills, CBD has minimal negative side effects, which makes it much safer for daily use.

Research has shown that CBD has a component identified as Anti-axiolytic that enables the receptors in your brain to resist succumbing to anxiety. It has also shown that CBD can relieve chronic pain, lack of concentration, and insomnia, all of which are symptoms of anxiety. In addition to all of these benefits, CBD is not physically addictive, which no prescription pill can claim. Some studies claim to have shown that, in some cases, teenagers who use cannabis can experience an increase in depression over time but make no mistake, CBD is NOT cannabis. It is available for consumption in many forms, such as oils, tinctures, even “gummy candies”, and it is strongly recommended that you follow the dosage suggestions on the package.

Do not let your anxiety keep you a prisoner in your own life. Ask your doctor about the benefits and drawbacks of CBD for helping your condition. Get more information through research, find your answers. You have nothing to lose by educating yourself, and it just may give you your life, and your freedom, back.

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