Mary Alice M.

I've been using Ming Dynasty CBD for about a month for fibromyalgia pain since my dr. won't prescribe any pain meds anymore. I'm happy and will probably be a customer for life. CBD oil, even Ming Dynasty's which is better than most, isn't as quite effective as prescription pain meds, but it's way better than popping Tylenol all day. The pain is manageable now and I can get though a hectic day without debilitating pain.


Ming Dynasty CBD oil is the best. Tried another brand and thought CBD oil was worthless until a friend told me about Ming Dynasty. My anxiety was ruining my social life and the doctors at the University clinic just look at you like you're a drug addict and tell you to try yoga or meditating. I've had anxiety since my teens and I've tried almost everything. With CBD oil, I don't panic at the thought of joining clubs on campus and meeting new people.

Carl C.

I was under a lot of stress at work and not eating or sleeping. A friend told me about Ming Dynasty CBD and urged me to try it. I was skeptical but I thought it can't hurt so I started out with 500mg using only drop every day. At first, I felt nothing, but after a week, I noticed a major improvement in my stress levels. I don't fly off the handle anymore and I can actually relax at night and sleep.


I highly recommend Ming Dynasty CBD if you can't find an antidepressant that works without bad side effects. I asked my doctor about it and he agreed that I should try CBD oil since it couldn't hurt. I can tell you that it works - I have started riding my bike again and doing all the other things I didn't feel like doing when I was in a funk. I'm going to try and get my grandmother to try some now.

Gayle D.

If you have chronic pain, try Ming Dynasty CBD 1,000mg. I was taking pain medication three times a day and feeling foggy and out of it. I would zone out and I ended up sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. I kept turning down invitations from friends because I didn't feel up to getting dressed. I started with one drop a day but I have an auto immune disease and found I need three drops to ease the pain. I love the feeling of being awake and alert now. I highly recommend Ming Dynasty to anyone who has chronic pain. I saw one of the nurses from the hospital recently and he said I looked so much better now and I told him about CBD oil and how not being in pain just changes your whole attitude. He's going to look into it since he never heard of it. I told him about this website.